Bees of Georgia

Bees of Georgia

Bees of Georgia

A website, developed by Georgia Gwinnett College, listing over 20,000 bee specimens representing over 200 native bee species, found in the Southeast -- specifically north Georgia. The main goal of the website, Bees of Georgia, is to provide easy bee identification and clear information for researchers, government officials, farmers and the general public. The information was compiled through SSARE-funded On-Farm Research grants. The research attempts to determine the regional make-up of native pollinators. The researchers hypothesize that native bees can supplement or even replace the honeybee in apple and other fruit and vegetable pollination in Georgia.

Bees of Georgia

Want more information? See the related SARE grants:

A Measurement of the Pollination Success of Native Bees in North Georgia Apple Orchards: Is there a need for commercial European honeybees? (Georgia, 2011)

Native Bee Assessment in North Georgia Apple Orchards: Measuring diversity and devising methods to boost abundance (Georgia, 2012)

Enhancement of Native Bee Pollination Services in Apple Orchards in Georgia (Georgia, 2013)

Nesting Habitat Enhancements and Native Bee Population Measurements in Apple Orchards in Georgia (Georgia, 2013)

Investigating Artificial Native Bee Habitats as a Means to Boost Native Bee Pollination and Provide an Additional Revenue Source for Farmers (Georgia, 2014)

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