Topic Rooms

Topic Rooms

Topic Rooms

A SARE Topic Room is an organized collection of mostly SARE-based, multi-media information on important topics in sustainable agriculture. Click on any of the topics below to start learning!

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Sustainable Production and Use of On-Farm Energy

Type: Topic Room

Using solar or wind energy or producing biofuels from crop feedstocks and anaerobic digestion helps farmers achieve energy independence while improving profitability and reducing fossil fuel emissions.

The Farmer Field Day Toolkit

Type: Grantee Tool

New to organizing a field day? Take a look at the tips, tools and resources assembled here to help guarantee a successful event.

Organic Production

Type: Topic Room

Capitalize on the booming organic industry. This topic room has resources on organic systems, pest management, animal production, marketing, certification, conservation and much more.

Farm to Table: Building Local and Regional Food Systems

Type: Topic Room

More and more, farmers, ranchers, ag professionals, community organizers and others are striving to reconfigure the nation's food system so more value stays in food-producing communities.

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Cover Crops

Cover Crops for Sustainable Crop Rotations

Type: Topic Room

Cover crops are one of the best ways to improve soil health, reduce off-farm inputs and protect natural resources. Find a wealth of educational materials developed out of decades of SARE-funded cover crop research.

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High Tunnels and Other Season Extension Techniques

Type: Topic Room

From low covers to high tunnels, from hoop houses to greenhouses—producers are finding ever more innovative ways to extend the growing season, and their income stream.

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Ensuring Sustainable Agriculture in the Face of a Changing Climate

A Handbook of Resources

Type: North Central SARE Grantee-Produced Info Product

Ensuring Sustainable Agriculture in the Face of a Changing Climate: A Handbook of Resources contains materials that cover topics ranging from climate basics to communicating about climate change. The handbook includes science-based information on climate change relevant to sustainable agriculture with an emphasis on field crop agriculture.

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Honeybees, Native Bees and Alternative Pollinators

SARE has a long history of supporting pollinators through grant-funded projects and practical resources that focus on pest and disease management, beekeeping practices, bee breeding, habitat development and management, and incorporating bees in sustainable production practices. Through such sustainable research and education, the sustainability of beekeeping practices, the sustainable relationship between pollinators and the environment, and the development of profitable marketing and value-added activities and products generated from the work of bees are consistently being reinforced. This Southern region SARE topic room includes a collection of educational materials, such as articles, videos, publications and Power Point presentations, developed out of SARE-funded pollinator research for those interested in bees and beekeeping.

Aquaculture and Aquaponics

Aquaculture -- the farming of aquatic organisms -- is a $1.4 billion industry throughout the United States, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture 2013 Census. Here in the Southern region, the value of aquaculture products -- including food fish, baitfish, shellfish, and other aquaculture products -- amounts to around $26 million. Commercial aquaculture is a solid, traditional industry. However, interest is growing in the areas of alternative fish farming, small-scale aquaculture and water gardening, also known as aquaponics. Aquaculture is an attractive alternative farming enterprise for many farmers for a number of reasons. This topic room includes a collection of educational materials, such as articles and videos, developed out of Southern SARE-funded aquaculture research for those interested in fish farming, or incorporating fish into a crop production system.

Pastured Poultry

Interest in pastured poultry production among small-scale farmers has grown significantly in recent decades because it is often an inexpensive way to add supplemental revenue and diversification to small farms, especially for those with limited resources. Small flock production can include chickens, turkeys and other species, such as ducks, geese and quail. Diversification of animal species and the myriad ways those birds can be incorporated into on-farm production make for an attractive enterprise. In addition, components of pastured poultry production, such as animal waste and housing facilities, are effective in value-added production and niche marketing. This topic room includes a collection of educational materials developed out of decades of Southern region SARE-funded pastured poultry research.

Small Ruminants

Sheep, goat and other small ruminant enterprises offer many advantages for both beginning and experienced farmers. Small and productive, they are well suited to grass-based and small-scale agriculture. They are relatively inexpensive compared to larger livestock -- a boon for limited-resource producers. And a growing market is opening the doors for value-added opportunities. Learn more about Southern region SARE-funded small ruminant research in areas of production, animal health and marketing as you explore the enterprise for your farm.