Additional Resources

Additional Resources


Southern SARE Resources


A collection of Southern SARE publications developed from grant projects on honeybees, native bees and other pollinators.


Southern SARE articles showcasing grant-funded work on honeybees and other pollinators.


Multimedia products, including videos and Power Point presentations related to bees, beekeeping and native pollinators.


Educational and outreach resources developed through grant-funded projects on honeybees, native bees and beekeeping efforts.


Resources from Other SARE Regions

North Central SARE

Enhancing Crop Yield through Wild Pollinators

Wild Pollinators

In this journal article, the authors argue for integrating the promotion of wild-insect species richness with single-species management to benefit farmers and society.

Wisconsin Bee Guide

WI Bee Guide

An online guide designed to help users identify wild bees commonly found in Wisconsin in the spring and early summer by their color, shape, size, and habitat.

Northeast SARE

IPM for Varroa Destructor in the Northeastern U.S.

IPM of Varroa Mite

This bulletin focuses on the management of the parasitic honey bee mite Varroa destructor. It contains information that will allow a beekeeper to: 1) identify V. destructor, 2) recognize the symptoms of mite infestation, 3) determine pest densities, and 4) implement an effective IPM program for keeping mite populations below the economic injury level.

Native Bees and Flowering Cover Crops

Small bee

A four-page bulletin on the benefits of improved bee habitat through cover cropping.

Western SARE

Managing for Wild Bees

Managing Wild Bees

Evaluating the ability of hedgerow restorations to augment hybrid sunflower pollination by the native bee community.

For more pollinator resources from across the country, visit the national SARE Learning Center.

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