Animal Waste Management

Animal Waste Management

Small Flock: Southern Region Resources on Pastured Poultry

Animal Waste Management

SARE has funded countless projects that address ways to make pastured poultry production more profitable, environmentally sound and beneficial to rural and urban communities. One such way has been to explore methods of converting animal waste into a valuable by-product, such as compost. The following resources address sustainable manure handling in pastured poultry operations.

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SARE and Poultry Waste


Managing Poultry Waste

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In-House Composting in High-Rise, Caged Layer Facilities


This fact sheet describes research on composting manure inside of the buildings housing laying hens. Research showed that the addition of a carbon source coupled with frequent aeration of compost in a layer house produced temperatures high enough to inhibit fly reproduction in the material, and odor problems are diminished.

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Fact Sheet: Utilizing Dry Poultry Litter


This fact sheet by University of Arkansas discusses ways to properly manage dry poultry litter.

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Poultry Litter Marketing and Utilization Project


A case study by Winrock International that helped to create a market in Arkansas for poultry litter.

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Market Structure for Poultry Litter in Arkansas


A report summarizing findings related to the market structure for poultry litter in Arkansas.

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Poultry Litter Practices by Arkansas Poultry Producers


A survey of Arkansas producers and what they do with their poultry litter.

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Poultry Litter Purchases and Use by Rice Growers


A survey of 145 rice growers in Arkansas and how they use poultry litter on row crops. The report is part of a project to describe the market structure for poultry litter in the state.

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Technical Reports: Poultry Litter Management Practices


A series of technical reports by Texas A&M University on poultry litter management practices for sustainable cropping systems.


Profitable Poultry: Raising Birds on Pasture

Birds on pasture

This SARE bulletin features farmer experiences plus the latest research in a guide to raising chickens and turkeys using pens, movable fencing and pastures. The document also includes information on breeding, nutrition, processing and marketing.

Are you an ag educator or farmer interested in sharing the Small Flock Topic Room at an event? Consider using this one-page flyer (PDF).


Resources from Other SARE Regions

Western SARE Profile

Manure Composting Publication

Manure Composting for Livestock and Poultry Production

This publication addresses medium-to large-scale composting as a management option for animal producers in cold or semi-arid environments.

For more pastured poultry resources from across the country, visit the national SARE Learning Center.