Dig Deeper: SARE Database

Dig Deeper: SARE Database

Small Flock: Southern Region Resources on Pastured Poultry

Dig Deeper: SARE Database

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Dig deeper in pastured poultry production, breeding, health, waste management, and small-scale processing/marketing with these related SARE-funded research projects. These projects are just a sampling of the 5,000-plus sustainable agriculture projects available in the SARE Projects Database. The database covers a wide range of sustainable ag topics across the national SARE program. Search the database for more information.

On-Farm Production

Pasture Poultry and Vegetable Production: An Integrated Approach (Louisiana, 2003)

The Assessment of Conservation and Traditional Tillage Systems on Weed Dynamics, Insect Abundance, and Northern Bobwhite Quail Life and Behavioral Patterns (South Carolina, 2003)

Building Capacity for Pasture Poultry Production in Western North Carolina (North Carolina, 2009)

Bird Breeding

Performance and Quality of Pasture-raised Poultry: Label Rouge-type (Arkansas, 2005)

Sensory Evaluation of Alternative Turkey Genotypes (North Carolina, 2009)


Omega-3 Purlsane Eggs (North Carolina, 2008)

Use of Artificial Lighting to Increase Photoperiod Length for Pasture-Raised Laying Hens to Improve Egg Productivity and Quality (Texas, 2014)

Animal Waste Management

Composting Poultry Litter – Economics and Market Potential of a Renewable Resource (North Carolina, 1989)

Development of Fractionation and Treatment Systems for Poultry Litter to Enhance Utilization and Reduce Environmental Impact (Georgia, 1990)

Use of Poultry Litter as a Soil Amendment in Southern Row Crop Agriculture: A Feasibility Study Based on Agronomic, Environmental and Economic Factors (Arkansas, 1991)

Using Soldier Flies as a Manure Management Tool for Volume Reduction, House Fly Control and Feedstuff Production (Georgia, 1993)

Clover Clippings as Replacement for Chicken Litter in Compost (Alabama, 1994)

Nutrient Evaluation and on-site composting of poultry litter (Georgia, 1994)

Use of Poultry Litter or Manure for Root-knot Nematode Management on Vegetables and Field Crops (South Carolina, 1994)

Organic Soil Amendments of Agricultural By Products for Vegetable Production Systems in the Mississippi Delta Region (Arkansas, 1996)

Animal Waste, Winter Cover Crops and Biological Antagonists for Sustained Management of Columbia Lance and Other Associated Nematodes on Cotton (North Carolina, 1998)

The Effect of Crop Land Applied Poultry Litter on Water Quality (Oklahoma, 2002)

Soil Fertility Improvement in Fruit Orchards by Windrowing Urban Plant Debris and Poultry Litter (Florida, 2003)

Evaluation of Microbial Ecology in Pasture Ecosystems with Long-term Poultry Litter Additions (Arkansas, 2005)

Effects of Organic Amendments on Soil Humic Substances Content and Physiological Properties of Water-Stressed Zea mays and Glycine max (Virginia, 2005)

Defining the Feasibility and Environmental Impact of Applying Poultry Litter to forests of the Western Gulf Region (Louisiana, 2006)

Poultry Litter Research Project (South Carolina, 2007)

Monitoring Nutrient Availability and Leaching Below the Root Zone in Organic Vegetable Production (Florida, 2010)

Black Soldier Flies as a Value-Adding Tool within Organic Farming Systems (Georgia, 2014)


Technical and Economic Analysis of the Potential for Conversion of Poultry and Swine Production Facilities to Greenhouses and Mushroom Houses (Arkansas, 2003)

Assessing the Food and Environmental Safety and Economic Feasibility of Mobile Slaughter Units for Pasture Poultry Grower (Georgia, 2013)

Search the SARE Projects Database to view reports on thousands of SARE-funded sustainable agriculture projects.

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