Marketing and Value-Added

Marketing and Value-Added

Small Ruminants: Southern Region Resources on Goat, Sheep Enterprises

Marketing and Value-Added

Farmers and ranchers, including small, limited-resource farmers, are looking for new and alternative farm enterprises to sustain their operations. Goat and sheep farming is one such niche area being explored, and while production is a big focus of on-farm operations, marketing is an important piece of the overall system that shouldn't be overlooked. The following resources provide information on existing and potential marketing efforts and the development of value-added products of small ruminants.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Processing and Marketing Beef, Pork, Lamb and Goat Meats


A guide for farmers who want to begin selling their own red meats, including pork, beef, lamb, and goat meats.

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Demand Potential for Goat Meat in Southern States: Empirical Evidence from a Multi-State Goat Meat Consumer Survey


A survey conducted by Fort Valley State University on consumer demand for goat meat products in the Southeastern U.S.

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Meat Goat Industry Outlook for Small Farms in Alabama and Surrounding States


A report developed by Tuskegee University to asses the meat goat industry in Alabama and surrounding states and to determine future outlook.

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A Pilot Study of Halal Goat Meat Consumption in Atlanta, Georgia


A pilot study conducted by Fort Valley State University that examines the consumption patterns of goat meat among ethnic groups in metropolitan Atlanta, GA.

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Video Teaching Guide: Artisan Cheese Production and Marketing


A video teaching guide showcasing Sweet Grass Dairy in rural southern Georgia and its efforts in artisan cheese production.

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The Small Ruminant Toolbox

Small Ruminant Toolbox

Produced by NCAT, the Small Ruminant Toolbox is a large comprehensive collection of publications, presentations and other resources that will be helpful to small ruminant products and educators in production and marketing of goats, sheep and other small livestock.


Master Meat Goat Producers Manual


A comprehensive manual developed by University of Tennessee for meat goat producers on all facets of production, health and marketing of meat goats.


Resources from Other SARE Regions

Western SARE Profile

Direct Marketing for Farmers and Ranchers

sheep with baby

This video, part of a direct marketing series, tells the story of how one farm family created new value-added markets for wool from its sheep farm in Oregon.

North Central SARE Profile

The Artisan of Cheese

Cheesemaking profile cover

This Profile from the Field follows a Nebraska farmer's journey into cheese making.  

For more small ruminant resources from across the country, visit the national SARE Learning Center.

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