On-Farm Production

On-Farm Production

Small Ruminants: Southern Region Resources on Goat and Sheep Farming

On-Farm Production

Small ruminant production, specifically sheep and goats, offers many advantages for farmers. Small and productive, sheep and goats are well suited to grass-based and small-scale agriculture. However, there are many challenges in raising small ruminants, especially for those with little or no experience. The following resources are intended to provide information on basic production, grazing, pasture establishment and management, and sustainable forage systems, as well as other tools to learn more about sheep and goat enterprises. 

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Year-Round Forage Production Goat Handbook


A year-round forage production and grazing/browsing management handbook for goats, developed by Tuskegee University Cooperative Extension, available to professionals and producers interested in pasture-based goat production, but require technical information on establishing and maintaining sustainable year-round forage systems.

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Production Guide: Cool Season Forages for Sustainable Goat Production


A guide developed by Tuskegee University on cool-season forages for sustainable goat production.

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Fact Sheet: Managing Pasture Resources


A fact sheet developed by the University of Virgin Islands Agricultural Experiment Station to help grazing managers maintain long-term sustainability of their pasture resources.

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Fact Sheet: Pasture Establishment in U.S. Virgin Islands


A fact sheet developed by the University of Virgin Islands Agricultural Experiment Station on successful pasture establishment for livestock operations.

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Kentucky Sheep and Goat Herder Curriculum


Training curriculum developed by University of Kentucky and Kentucky State University encompassing basic production practices within small ruminant enterprises.

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Sustainable Year-Round Forage Production and Grazing/Browsing Management in the Southern Region


An educational training video to increase the productivity, quality, and production of forages, as well as to improve management of existing pastures for sustainable livestock production.

Get the Most Out of Forage Systems for Goats with Sunn Hemp


Producers can potentially graze their goats year-round on a forage-based production system by incorporating a summer legume, such as sunn hemp, into the traditional bermudagrass pasture.


The Small Ruminant Toolbox

Small Ruminant Toolbox

Produced by NCAT, the Small Ruminant Toolbox is a large comprehensive collection of publications, presentations and other resources that will be helpful to small ruminant products and educators in production and marketing of goats, sheep and other small livestock.


Master Meat Goat Producers Manual


A comprehensive manual developed by University of Tennessee for meat goat producers on all facets of production, health and marketing of meat goats.


Resources from Other SARE Regions

Western SARE Profile

Integrating Small Goat Herd Production with Fruits and Vegetable Production


This project from Hawaii sought to develop a diversified production system by integrating goat production with crop production.

Sheep Grazing to Manage Crop Residues, Insects and Weeds in Northern Plains Grain and Alfalfa Systems

Grazing fact sheet cover

This fact sheet from Montana State University demonstrates that using sheep to graze crop residue and summer fallow can help address insect, weed and residue management challenges.

For more small ruminant resources from across the country, visit the national SARE Learning Center.

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