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urban orchard crop
Strengthening Urban Agriculture in Puerto Rico

Strengthening Urban Agriculture in Puerto Rico

Guide available designed to bridge the gap between farmers and policymakers on urban agriculture initiatives.

cattle grazing grass-legume mix
Integrating Legumes with Grass to Improve Forage-Livestock Systems

Steers Gain More Weight Grazing a Grass-Legume System Compared to Grass Alone

Additionally, the system demonstrates a lower water footprint, while improving animal productivity.

Irrigating a crop field
2019 Southern Region Water Conference: Improving adoption of sustainable water management practices

Southern Region Water Conference Slated for July in Texas

Texas A&M University holding a regional water conference, funded through a SSARE grant, to share water management practices with farmers and ranchers.

Terminating Cover Crops in High Tunnel
Texas Farmers Learn About Building Soil Health Using Cover Crops and No-till

Auburn University to Host 2019 Southern Cover Crop Conference

Event takes place July 16-17, 2019.

San Jose scale injury on peaches
More Targeted Use of Horticultural Oils in Peach Trees Better Manages San Jose Scale, UGA Researchers Find

Best Control of San Jose Scale in Peaches Using Horticultural Oils Comes with Right Timing and the Right Amount

Apply the product after trees have been pruned, and you won't need as much as industry recommends, saving time and money.

Press Releases

2019 Southern Region Water Conference: Improving Adoption of Sustainable Water Management Practices


COLLEGE STATION, Texas -- High quality and adequate supplies of water are essential to sustainable agriculture producers for enterprise profitability, and for the health of their families, workers and supporting ecosystems. From arid areas of the Southern region where impaired water quality and reduced water availability have been long recognized as significant challenges and obstacles to successful sustainable agriculture to the more humid Southeastern areas, farmers and ranchers responding to a regional survey indicated that they need to know more about a wide variety of water management topics.

Texas A&M University AgriLife Extension Service, through a Southern SARE-funded Research and Education Grant (LS18-288), will be holding a Southern Region Water Conference to provide information to farmers on irrigation management, nutrient and pest control to protect water quality, water considerations around the home, soil health, watershed management, and programs/incentives available to farmers. 

The conference will take place July 23-25 at the Texas A&M Hotel and Conference Center in College Station, TX. Farmers, rangers, agricultural professionals, researchers, scientists, agency representatives, and students are invited to attend.

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